birthplace: Washington, DC

race: HUMAN

interest: design, film, music, tech and writing



people: kurt cobain

store: gap

shoe: adidas samba

directors: christopher nolan and quentin tarantino


this or that

drinking or smoking? gross

los angeles or new york city? la in the winter and nyc in the summer

apple or microsoft? jobs

blind or deaf? undecided



what do you want to be when you grow up? happy

worst habit? overthinking

who is on your top 8? steph and unit 4

ever been beat up? mentally but never physically

are your parents still together? not since 06

how do you want to die? sleep

most missed memory? crystal city

biggest fear? not being a good father or husband

biggest regret? nothing because everything happens for a reason

what are your goals?

-       retire my mom and buy her a house

-       marry steph

-       travel the world with steph

-       have children


at the moment

where are you? dad’s house

what are you doing? listening to music and texting steph

what are you wearing? flannel, white t-shirt, khakis, adidas samba


(inspired by myspace about me survey)